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Chandigarh Railway Station (code: CDG, STD code: 0172) is located between the outskirts of Chandigarh and Panchkula and offers trains to major cities of India. It is located near the village Daria. Northern Railways serve the station. The nearest railway stations to Chandigarh are Kalka and Ambala.

Chandigarh Railway Station


Please note that the following timetable may have changed since we last updated it. Always confirm directly with IRCTC. The following timetable is valid only until September 30, 2017:

SNRouteTrainTrain #Arrival at CHDDepartureStarts
1Delhi-Chd-KalkaKalka Shatabdi120058.35 pm8.43 pmAll
2Kalka-Chd-DelhiKalka Shatabdi1200606.45 am06.53 amAll
3Delhi-Chd-KalkaKalka Shatabdi1201111.05 am11.13 amAll
4Kalka-Chd-DelhiKalka Shatabdi120126.15 pm6.23 pmAll
5New Delhi-ChdShatabdi Express1204510.45 pmDestinationExcept Sunday
6Chd-New DelhiShatabdi Express12046Source12.00 pmExcept Sunday
7Delhi-Chd-UnaUHL Janshatabdi120577.05 pm7.12 pmAll
8Una-Chd-DelhiNDLS Janshatabdi120587.34 am7.40 amAll
9Kochuveli-Delhi-ChdSampark Kranthi122173.45 pmDestinationWed
10Chd-Delhi-KochuveliKerala S Kranthi12218Source9.30 amWed, Fri
11Lucknow-ChdLucknow Chd Express1223110.05 amDestinationAll
12Chd-LucknowLucknow Chd Express12232Source9.10 pmAll
13Howrah-Dli-Chd-KalkaHwh Dli Klk Mail123113.00 am4.00 amAll
14Kalka-Chd-HowrahKalka Mail1231212.28 am01.20 amAll
15Madurai-Saharanpur-ChdDehradun Exp12687-226873.50 amLast StopWed, Sun
16Chd-Saharanpur-MaduraiCDG MDU SF EXP22688Source7.55 amMon, Fri
17Bandra-Delhi-Chd-KalkaPaschim Exp12925-229253.57 pm4.10 pmAll
18Ajmer-Jaipur-ChdAjmer Chd Garib Rath129836.45 amDestinationTue, Fri, Sun
19Chd-Jaipur- AjmerChd Ajmer Garib Rath12984Source7.40 pmMon, Wed, Sat
20Sh.Ganganagar-Bhatinda-Chd-KalkaUA Toofan Exp13008-148885.05 am5.13 amAll
21Delhi S-Chd-KalkaHimalyan Queen1409510.25 am10.31 amAll
22Kalka-Chd-Delhi SHimalyan Queen140965.27 pm5.33 pmAll
23Prayag-ChdUnchahar Exp142179.35 amDestinationAll
24Chd-AllahabadUnchahar Exp14218Source4.40 pmAll
25Kalka-Chd-BarmerKLK BME Exp14887-1300710.18 pm10.25 pmAll
26Barmer-Chd-KalkaBarmer KLK Exp148885.05 am5.13 amAll
27Dibrugarh-ChdDBRG CDG Exp159031.15 pmDestinationMon, Fri
28Chd-DibrugarhCDG DBRG Exp15904Source11.15 pmWed, Sun
29Kalka-Chd-Del-BandraPaschim Exp2292611.05 am11.20 amAll
30Chd-Lucknow-PatnaChd – Patliputra22356Source10.05 pmMon, Thu
31Patna-Lucknow-ChdPatliputra – Chd223555.35 pmDestinationWed, Sun
32Chd – AmritsarIntercity Express12411Source7.00 amAll
33Amritsar – ChdIntercity Express124129.55 pmDestinationAll
34Chd – AmritsarChd Amr Superfast12241Source5.10 pmAll
35Amritsar – ChdAmr Chd Superfast1224209.20 amDestinationAll
36Lal Kuan-Chd-AmrASR-LKU Exp1461509.20 AM09.25 AMSat
37Amr-Chd-Lal KuanLKU-ASR AC Exp1461610.27 am10.35 amSat
38Yeshwantpur-ChandigarhYPR Sampark226856.20 pmDestinationWed, Sat
40Chandigarh-YeshwantpurYPR S Kranti22686Source3.25 amTue, Sat
41Chandigarh-IndoreCDG INDB Exp19308Source7.15 pmFriday
42Indore-ChandigarhChandigarh Exp193076.45 amDestinationThursday
43Jaipur – ChandigarhJP CDG Intercity19717DestinationAll days
44Chandigarh – JaipurCDG JP Intercity19718SourceAll days
45Madgaon-Delhi – ChandigarhGoa Sampark1244911.15 pmDestinationTue, Wed
46Chandigarh-Delhi-MadgaonGoa Sampark12450Source2.05 amMon, Sat
47Chandigarh-Delhi Tejas (pending)
48Delhi-Chandigarh Tejas (pending)
49Kalka-Chd-KatraKLK SVDK EXP145037.33 pm7.55 pmTue, Fri
50Katra – Chd-KalkaSVDK KLK EXP145046.15 am7.00 amWed, Sat
51Haridwar-Chd-UnaHW UHL LINK JSH120637.05 pm7.15 pmTue,Fri,Sun
52Una-Chd-HaridwarUHL HW Link120647.30 am7.38 amMon, Wed, Sat
53Shirdi-Delhi-Chd-KalkaSNSI KLK Sup Exp2245511.35 am11.42 amTue, Sat
54Kalka-Chd-Delhi-ShirdiKLK SNSI SF Exp224567.33 pm7.43 pmThu, Sun
55Ramnagar-Saharanpur-ChdRMR CDG Exp12527DestinationMonday
56Chd-Saharanpur-RamnagarCDG RMR Exp12528SourceMonday
57Gorakhpur-Lucknow-ChdGKP CDG SPL04923DestinationFriday
58Chd-Lucknow-GorakhpurCDG GKP SPECIAL04924SourceThursday
59Bandra-Delhi-ChdCDG SUP FAST224514.20 pmDestinationMon, Thu
60Chd-Delhi-BandraCDG BDTS SF EXP22452Source5.45 amWed, Sun
61Nanded-Agra-Chd-UnaNED UHL SF EXP224575.25 pm5.45 pmSaturday
62Una-Chd-Agra-NandedUHL NED SF EXP224587.00 pm7.15 pmThursday

How to Get to Chandigarh Railway Station

The best route to go to Chandigarh Railway Station from Chandigarh is to take Madhya Marg towards east. After Purv Marg, the first roundabout is the Railway Station chowk, from where you will need to turn right. After about 1 km, turn left to enter the railway station.

Chandigarh Railway Station Parking and Transportation

Auto-rickshaw, cycle rickshaw and taxi services are available at the railway station with the pre-paid option. Day and overnight Parking is available for all types of vehicles. Local bus service runs to Sector 17 usually shortly after the arrival of trains.

Chandigarh Railway Station Parking and Transportation

Parking rates as of May 2014 (Service Tax, helmet charges extra):


Per Entry: Rs. 10, Monthly: Rs. 200

Bicycle: Per Entry: Rs. 5, Monthly: Rs. 100


Upto 4 hours: Rs. 10

4 to 12 hours: Rs. 15

12 to 24 hours: Rs. 25

Next 24 hours or less: Rs. 25

Monthly: Rs. 500

Inquiry Phone Numbers


Travel (Accommodation) Classes


  • First class Air-Conditioned (AC) (Code:1A). The Executive class in Shatabdi type trains is also treated as Ist AC.
  • AC 2-tier sleeper (Code:2A)
  • First class (Code:FC)
  • AC 3 Tier (Code:3A)
  • 3 E – AC 3 Tier Economy
  • AC chair Car (Code:CC)
  • Sleeper Class (Code:SL)
  • Second Sitting (Code:2S)


  • Berths
  • Seats
  • Chair car

Major Routes

Chandigarh railways offer connecting trains to Delhi by Shatabdi Express and Himalayan Queen. Other trains include PaschimĀ  Express, Kalka Mail, Dehradun Express, Chandigarh Lucknow Express etc.

Online Booking & Facilities

Online booking for trains is offered by IRCTC. Tickets can also be purchased at the counter at the station. Advanced Reservation can be done via Reservation Centre. IRCTS offers Food Plaza to satisfy your appetite.


Discounts for Senior Citizens

Women senior citizens (58 years or older) can get a special discount of 50% for travelling on Indian Railways, while men senior citizens (60 years or older) can get 30% to 40% discount.

Complaint Help Line

For passengers who need to complain or provide suggestions, they can call 1800111139 which is operational 24 hours. There is no charge to call this number. Passengers can also complain by sending an SMS to 97111-11139.


Do not buy tickets from unauthorized agents. Also, do not eat food provided by unauthorized vendors or by co-passengers. Some co-passengers may put some intoxicant in the food offered by them which may result in losing consciousness. Be vigilant while travelling on longer journeys.

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